EraStreetwear 2Day

"This is by Aurel Schmidt, who is one of my favorite artists, she’s just crazy. Her style is insane. I was a fan of her work for a while. I’m a fan of Opening Ceremony as a business model—I love what they do as a business. And then when I heard that these two came together for a series of shirts, I was both sad and happy. Sad because it wasn’t Staple that hit up Aurel. But happy that someone’s doing it and that I could go spend my money on it and support it. I love the way that they executed this. They had her illustrate every letter of Opening Ceremony. There's an 'O' shirt, there was a 'P' shirt, then an 'E' shirt, and on and on.

"This one has used, bloody band-aids. That’s her style. She just has a really demented, sick, perverse style, but her technique is so on point. She mixes these two worlds of gross dementia with beautiful execution. You love it, you love looking at it, but if you don't look deeply it’s just disgusting 'cause it’s so raw.

"The shirts that they did it on were these super fashion-y thin shirts. And it kind of goes into that category of high-fashion couture, avant garde, but executing it in a streetwear kind of mentality. So that’s why I love this. I love when that cross-over happens. I think it’s always really interesting when you see people who are outsiders to street culture do their interpretation of it."