EraStreetwear 2Day

"You’ve got the biggest sports brand in the world in Nike. You've got one of the most talented, creative, high-end fashion designers in Jun Takahashi of Undercover. They came together for Gyakusou, which is a great thing, but it has nothing to do with streetwear. This T-shirt that they made, 'Running Monks,' is so cool to me because it’s sports and it's high fashion but the execution of this T-shirt to me is very streetwear. It’s a T-shirt that has a big statement on it which is kind of like a streetwear thing. And then 'Running Monks' is very much an inside joke. It doesn’t mean anything to anyone unless you’re into what Jun does with running and what Gyakusou is so it’s talking to a very niched subset.

"I just love that a $20 billion company decided to just do a shirt as an inside joke for some people that were really into the culture. It just goes to show where street culture had gone. I think if it wasn’t for streetwear’s place in fashion, Nike would not even think to do something like this, so it kind of shows the impact that we have created."