Era: Streetwear B.C.

"This was done in a time, once again, pre category of streetwear—it wasn’t streetwear yet—but there was a time when raves were really big. Rave culture was really big and part of rave culture was T-shirts that were logo flips from major brands. 

"This was just representative of a time where logo flips were cool. The basis behind this was interesting because it goes deeper than just the logo flip. It was really young untrained designers getting their chops wet in design programs. That’s the real importance of this. So, whoever did this design, it would involve you first finding, shooting, or scanning a Wilson ball logo. Then you'd have to now take that and do your Photoshop, Illustrator magic and vectorize it. Then remove the 'W,' make the 'I' clean, add an 'L,' you know. So the need to make fun of a brand was the impetus for us learning technical skills almost like at a vocational school."

So instead of going to APEX tech or Devry Institute and learning Illustrator, we did it because we wanted to look cool at a rave. Regardless, the end result is that kids like Aaron from Milkcrate, Scott from 10.Deep, myself, Russ from SSUR, learned and got our chops on design programs by having this need to flip on major logos. That’s why this represents such an important moment in street fashion.