Era: The Streetwear Explosion

"I remember we sold this shirt at Reedspace, I was really impressed with it because it was representative of a new trend in streetwear where things weren't predicated by your brand’s logo on the front and center of the chest. You look at streetwear now and how it’s all about floral prints and polka dots and stuff like that. This T-shirt was a fresh look at what streetwear shirts could become with patterning. Obviously most of us couldn’t get into cut and sewn yet, it was just patterning and what we could get on a tee. But it was the precursor to what was going to come which is what we see today, all the beautiful wovens and hoodies and stuff like that.

"Now the industry is big enough that we do our own cut and sew in our own patterns, but it was cool to see this in its beginning days. Back then, this shirt's print just bled off the bottom of the hem. It wasn't a clean center print, instead it was bumpy where it printed over the stitch line but there was something that was really cool about it."