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Era: Streetwear 2Day

"This goes back to when I was talking before about Bathing Ape and how they were sort of the crossover bridge between streetwear and couture and high fashion. I just wanted to put it on this list because of the importance of it.

"If you had Nigo from Bathing Ape trying to swim upstream and take streetwear roots but try to emulate high fashion, this was the opposite. This was Comme des Garcons, who was couture and high-fashion all the way from its inception, trying to swim downstream to the streets and capture some of that street hustler mentality, which they did from a financial standpoint extremely successfully.

"So now you have all these rappers wearing Comme des Garcons and you have street dudes who wear Timberlands and baggy jeans, rocking a heart on their shirt. I wouldn’t be surprised if this Play collection from Comme des Garcons made more money than all of their other collections all time. You know they got sneakers with Converse, they got polo shirts with embroidered hearts on them, and it just never ends."