EraThe Wonder Years

"Bathing Ape really pushed the confines of what streetwear could be. Streetwear came from skate and was always categorized as a $24, maybe $30 T-shirt that was just something for kids. Bathing Ape really re-defined what streetwear could be by selling shirts for like a $100 to fashionistas and rockstars. People who could easily afford Balmain or Gucci or whatever they wanted were lining up to buy Bathing Ape, a streetwear company. That really just opened the eyes of a whole different set of people to the whole culture.

"So you can argue that Bathing Ape heavily influenced the tastes of people like Pharrell Williams and Kanye West and then how those individuals added their flair of high fashion to streetwear and got the attention of the Anna Wintours of the world.  So you could see how Bathing Ape has such an important link in that redefinition of street culture."