Goodhood is back to its illustrating ways again, and we’re not complaining at all. The London outpost tapped illustrator Clary Lacy to whip up a few drawings to show off the new collaboration the store has going with Soulland.

The Danish brand hs been around since 2002, when Silas Adler, its creative director and co-founder, decided to make some clothes for his fellow skating buddies. Since then, he scored a Danish Designer of the Year Award and has continued to put out ill collections that combine a skater's mentality with clean Scandinavian design. 

From the preview, we already know this partnership is going to lace you up in tees, shirts, jackets, bags, and then some. For the rest of the collection, and actual still life shots, you’re going to have to wait until the collection drops November 7 on the Goodhood website and in-store.

[via Goodhood]