Swedish-owned, iconic American label Gant just opened a new store in Williamsburg because that's just what you do when you're a cool guy brand. There you will find Gant's main collection (on the up swing!), Gant by Michael Bastian (MB on the "cheap"!), and Gant Rugger (that's the ticket!). You will also find a full kitchen, inspired by Christopher Bastin's affinity for the culinary world. Speaking of which, earlier this year, I attended the most #menswear party of all time in celebration of Gant Rugger's F/W 2013 collection, and these motherfuckers served up some of the best free snacks ever. I remember the tortilla chips and salsa being particularly on point, as was my drunkeness. Be sure to stop by the new storefront if you happen to find yourself in Williamsburg this weekend. You know, before all the good Instagrams are gone.

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