Soccer-watch YouTubers Kick commissioned this awesome flipbook of one of soccer’s brightest stars of the moment, Thierry Henry. It’s a cool little project that showcases just how incredible Henry’s footwork is. “Anyone can score a goal. But one worth watching one frame at a time? That needs to be shared,” the curators write of the project, starring the man with 400 goals to his name.

The video above combines video and awesome hand-drawn animations. In a world so often dominated by too-slick computer graphics, it’s a relief to see something with such a human appeal. This work was created by Ben Zurawski, aka The Flippist, who specializes in this kind of animation. Check out more of his videos here.

The amazing Guru, a.k.a Gang Starr, one of the greats of old-school hip-hop, provides the featured music, making this just all that much cooler.

Click here to see how you can win one of your own flipbooks, signed by Henry no less. 

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[via YouTube]