If you're not quite ready to quit smoking, the least you can do is find a way to make the habit healthier, and maybe look cooler. Some people have turned to e-cigs, but nothing is as un-sexy as a plastic tube that looks like a whistle and smells like Kool-Aid.

Introducing the Firefly Vaporizer. Using convection heating for your pipe tobacco, the vapors emitted from it are stronger, faster and richer than what you get from conduction heat. Think of it like a convectional fan oven - Firefly claims the pre-heated air inside the chamber maximizes the active ingredients with an all-around heating method rather than heating the substance by contacting the edges. The Vaporizer is not only scientifically sick but also has a futuristic design with it's glass and alloy enclosure, sleek design, and awesome interior glow from within the chamber. All this makes for the ultimate men's accessory for those who just need to light up.

Retailing for about $270, the Firefly Vaporizer will be available in Early December with pre-orders up now in three distinct colors: grey, red and silver. For more information, visit Firefly online.