Recently, I’ve bought at least three jackets and shirts that have double chest pockets, which means this Cash Ca x Jam Home Made. leather pocket card case was basically made for my consumption. And that's about when I looked at the price tag. $260? Is that a typo? This shit is pretty fucking simple, my dudes. AYO CASH CA AND JAM HOME MADE., I’VE BEEN WAITING ALL YEAR FOR SOMETHING TO HIGHLIGHT A SMALL DESIGN DETAIL ON REALLY EXPENSIVE CLOTHING FOR AND NOW I GOTTA PAY ALMOST 300 DOLLARS TO DO SO? Fuck it, I’m just gonna shove a pair of glasses I never wear into my chest pocket and keep it moving. I'm sure some nerd on Tumblr that makes small batch leather shit can make me one of these. In exchange I’ll tell everyone on Twitter how awesome it is. That way in six to seven months you can charge people $260 for you own leather rectangle.