HAHA! FASHION WITH A CAPITAL "F" IS FUCKING HILARIOUS, YOU GUYS. Elle, taking a page straight out of Mugatu’s playbook, seriously said that "North Korean Chic" is a top fall fashion trend. One, military-inspired looks are ALWAYS on these types of lists. ALWAYS. So that’s just lazy journalism, Elle. Two, North Korea? Really? Why would you ever be so specific in your source of military inspiration? Admittedly, everything I know about North Korea I saw on some Vice TV show. And while yes, it is a very militarized state, it’s military is stuck in, like, '70s Soviet-era steez. But what I really learned from Vice and concerned re-tweets is that people are fucking starving in North Korea. And that shit is not funny (unless I'm making a struggle Ramen diet-related quip on Four Pins so I can keep getting paid). Then Elle, instead of standing by their slightly offensive attempt at humor, FUCKING DELETED THE SLIDE. That’s page one in the guilty maneuvers playbook. We find the defendant, Joe Zee, guilty on all counts of swagless journalism. We’ll talk about the broader issue of fashion houses and designers bastardizing the tools of war for profit in our "A to Zee" trend forecasting report next month!

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