For years, Kanye West has served as a style inspiration for fans, and even his peers. Scott Disick definitely took some tips from West. So do all of the Yeezus disciples who take inspiration to the extreme and flat-out imitate the rapper's outfits on a regular basis. That said, dressing like West isn't exactly a walk in the park, partly because he wears expensive gear and one-offs. So unless you're willing to eat Ramen noodles for the next few months, it's (probably) best to consider shopping for alternative items at more affordable places. 

A great place to start is Walmart. America's mega retailer sells everything imaginable—food, electronics, furniture, sports equipment, pharmaceutical products, and of course, clothing. It may not be your first pick, and it may not be the most ethical place to shop, but it is possible to find decent, inexpensive gear there. We're not advising you to copy Kanye down to his socks, but just saying that it is possible to take style cues without breaking the bank. Check out this guide on How to Dress Like Kanye West at Walmart. You might just be surprised. 

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