Love him or hate him, A$AP Rocky is undoubtedly one of the most stylish rappers right now—perhaps even in the last several years. He's changed the way hip-hop artists dress, introduced a few avant garde brands to the culture, and has ushered in this thing we call "street goth." It's understandable then that his personal style is often idolized and mimicked.

But, as anyone who's actually tried to dress like Pretty Flacko will know, it isn't always easy. Brands like Ann Demeulemeester, Alexander Wang, Rick Owens, and Raf Simons don't come cheap. Pigalle, Hood By Air, and Supreme are rare and usually sell out quickly. So it's not a bad idea to get a little creative and try to recreate some of his looks by looking to more afforable places, like say, Walmart

We know the mega retailer may not be your first choice, and we're aware Rocky isn't likely to get any of his clothes from here either, but you'd be surprised with what Walmart has to offer. Don't believe us? Here's a guide on How to Dress Like A$AP Rocky at Walmart

Go into this with an open mind. With some creativity, patience, and digging, we've found it's possible to look fly without empyting your pockets.  

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