A dive bar isn't a dive bar unless the bathrooms are marked up like a subway in Harlem (copyright Lil' Wayne, circa 2004). If the bathroom is clean, most likely the crowd is pretentious, the bartender is hideous, and the beer selection sucks. Brandon Bloch and Tim Sessler ventured out in Brooklyn to film some of the best bathroom graffiti that the city has to offer. Described as "part bar crawl" and "part gallery walk," the resulting video is a beautifully shot journey into the filthy, grimey, and wonderful world of fellatio, vomit, and hundreds of tags scrawled on every unsanitary surface. The Gutter, Duck Duck, Bushwick Country Club, Anchored Inn, and Pearl's Social are the featured stops on the tour and you are the brave tourist...enjoy.

DIVE ART - Brooklyn Bathroom Graffiti from Brandon Bloch on Vimeo.

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[via ANIMAL]