In August, Damien Hirst and Alexander McQueen announced a luxury scarf collaboration that had us reaching for our credit cards. Now the designs have finally been released, and they're going to be the first thing on our Christmas lists. 

Decorated with Hirst's signature skulls and kaleidoscope butterfly motifs, the limited-edition scarves were created to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of McQueen's signature skull scarf. 

Hirst told the New York Times that the collaboration was “something we should have done years ago. I love McQueen and think this collaboration is a marriage made in heaven.” 

This is just one of Hirst's many recent star-studded collaborations. At the end of October, he worked with Rihanna and a giant snake for the 25th anniversary cover of British GQ

The Hirst X McQueen scarves, which appeared on Alexander McQueen's website on Friday, are being sold for between $515 and $1,175 starting Nov. 15.

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