Seattle-based brand Maiden Noir got inspired for their autumn and winter 2013 line by tapping into tales told by adventurers who had traversed the Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest, then calling on the outerwear savants at Crescent Down Works to help design their capsule collection. 

The two brands loved by outdoor enthusiasts and city slickers alike created a line consisting of a down jacket, vest and shirt that comes in a camouflage that echoes BAPE's signature print, along with bright orange accents (that collar. That collar is fire.) Or play it safe with a quieter but equally fresh navy blue version. Designers for the brand that has been around since 1974 endeavored to construct a line of products that could keep the wearer warm without too much heft. The American-made clothiers created a combination of wool, nylon and goose down, that does precisely that.

These standout pieces and more are available at Surplus Store, or Maiden Noir's website. 

 [via Surplus Store]

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