Well, not all the windows lack panes of glass in this Hiroshima masterpiece. But the entire first story of this stunning construction, by Suppose Design Office, is open to the elements, letting wind and rain whip into the building if the weather takes that turn.

The open-air space at the bottom floor of the so-called House in Yagi is possible because of the “indoor courtyard” there. With a floor made of dirt and a single tree in the center of the room, the industrial patina of the construction is offset by the elemental feel of the courtyard, even as just a single bare light bulb hangs from the double-height ceiling.

The raw feel of the exposed concrete and grainy floors is meant to incite a creative, unfinished impulse in the space’s residents. "Unlike other projects, the final stage of construction for this house was not aiming towards a finish stage, but to let the owner experience the sense of completion after living here," the architects said.

Check out a bunch of shots of House in Yagi above.

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[via Dezeen]