Sometimes, your future is dictated by your bloodline. Having a mother who is a former stylist, and currently employeed at media giant Conde Nast, and a father who is a fashion designer, Luka Sabbat was essentially born into the world of fashion. The rising star is quickly creating a lane and a name for himself as a model and aspiring wardrobe stylist

So from the looks of it, you know a lot about fashion, because not only are you wearing a lot of expensive clothes, but they are put together very well. Most people wouldn't think your pants cost $1,000. 
Well my mom was a stylist, and now she works for Conde Nast, and my dad is a designer who has his own label. But I grew up at fashion shows, I used to be at the John Galliano shows at like three years old, and I used to cry because the music was too loud. I used to think that the shows were boring and it was just people walking and now looking back that’s exactly what I want to do. 

That's where it comes from—you've been exposed to some of the most iconic moments that have happened in fashion, which leads one to wonder which brands you connect with, and enjoy wearing? 
Some of my favorite brands are Valentino, Balenciaga, and Margiela.

That's some really advanced clothing. How old are you again? 
I'm fucking 15 going on 16. 

Well no wonder you were annoyed by fashion for so long, you are still really young, there is nothing to appreciate there at that age. But you obviously have an affinity towards it. Could you see yourself ever having a clothing line of your own?
Yeah I’m actually working on one right now. I’m going to open up a pop-up store in 2014. I'm gonna drop a bunch of crazy shit. It’s not going to be streetwear. I haven’t copyrighted the name so I can’t say the name yet. But it’s going to be more couture because my dad makes women’s couture, he makes most of the stuff by hand so I’m going to learn from him. I already know how to do a few things. I’m going to incorporate prints on stuff but it’s really going to be about the cut and how it’s made and not necessarily about the design that’s on it.

That sounds exciting, when can we expect to start seeing your designs? 
I'd say the middle of 2014.

Now about the modeling, because your face is everywhere. I've seen a few magazine spreads and lookbooks for brands. Modeling and fashion go hand in hand but most designers are not moonlighting as models in their free time. 
People and brands see me on Instagram and think I would look dope in thier clothes. You literally get paid to stand there and look at the camera or not look at the camera, and look pretty. I show up, the photographer takes a couple of shots, and BONG, I get paid. Why not? 

Why not is right, and i'm glad you mentioned Instagram because it seems to be the way you connect most to people. What is that you do on instagram that garners this attention from brands, and also builds a base for your followers? 
I just post pictures of myself. I never post pictures of money because that just attracts the wrong group of people. I never take a picture of stacks on Instagram, and so many people my age do. I just think that when you show off too much, you attract the wrong people that just want shit from you. So I just post pictures of my outfits, the shit I’m doing, of me modeling. I've linked up with so many people from Instagram, I've met so many people. It's helped me build a career. 

And what do your parents think?
They are supportive. As long as I am being smart, doing me, and still keeping my shit straight in school, I'm good. 

This is such a boring question to ask, but do you have plans for college? I just wonder where that fits into your life, if it's something you gave thought to. 

Well I'm in the 11th grade now, and I plan to go to school in Antwerp and study design because that's where all of my favorite designers come from. To be there where all of the greats started, I want to be in their company one day.