It has been said that the cat park is the Internet, but maybe it's also the gallery. Once again, cats are invading the art world, and this time it's happening in Los Angeles. After a season of New York exhibitions themed on the furry felines, including "The Cat Show" at White Columns and "Balthus: Cats and Girls" at the Met, the kitty craze is headed West.

On Jan. 23, 2014, an exhibition titled "Cat" (what else?) will go on view at a pop-up location that has yet to be unveiled. The show, which casts the cat as the artist's muse, will feature work by Tracey EminBarry McGeeFAILENir HodSteve SchapiroShepard Fairey, and more. Part of the proceeds from "Cat" will go to the Stray Cat Alliance.

Curator Susan Michals described the facets of a cat's personality to ARTINFO, "First, they are forever unpredictable; you can never second-guess a cat, and they have the ultimate poker face. Secondly, their adroit physicality is a constant source of amazement; from their sinewy lines as they lie in the sun, to their calculated, methodically prowler moves as they prepare to pounce."

She goes onto talk about her favorite animal's demeanor, "Then there’s the attitude, a catch-22 in the truest sense, in that we love them for all their cuddliness; but at the same time for their unmistakable inclination of superiority. They can be aloof and affectionate, but always have their own agenda—and unlike our canine friends, they will not buckle under the threat of a guilt trip." We want to see this show right meow.

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