In 1977, comic artist Milton Caniff donated all of his drawings and papers to his alma mater, Ohio State University. Over the years, the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum at the university continued to collect from artists and other parties and managed to build and catalog a collection of over 300,000 original strips, 45,000 books, 29,000 comic books, and various other comic related papers. According to the school, the collection is the largest of its kind in the world and they have decided to open their doors to the public beginning November 16. Visitors will have the opportunity to view original work from Charles SchulzRichard OutcaultChester Gould, Walt KellyGarry TrudeauJeff Smith, and numerous other artists and writers who have contributed significantly to the art. For more information about opening and the new location, visit the official Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum website.

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