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Release date: Jan. 31, 2012
Album design: Mark Khair
Label: Arbutus

The young Canadian artist Claire Boucher, better known as Grimes, is one of the most fascinating, multi-talented presences in the field today. She's got her hand in a lot of things, from fashion, to video direction, to party curating, to producing music, and of course performing. However, it's her visual prowess that really gets fans amped.

Case in point: the cover of her third LP Visions. A gleaming skull with jewels in its eyes whips its tongue through a field of elemental grit before being tied with a child-like bow. Grimes throws in iconography that was particularly suited to the moment of the album's release as well: an alien head weeping onto a pyramid, the eye of Horace, little candy hearts. The artwork here is as impressive and representative of its surroundings as it is its sound and creator. —Dale Eisinger