The holidays have their ups and downs. Spending time with family, good eats, gift-giving. But then there’s the hustle and bustle, dubious weather and, of course, spending time with family. With Thanksgiving upon us, these things can make or break one’s spirit. But there is one thing that can cheer almost anyone up on a whim: shopping at the crack of dawn!

Black Friday has made quite the impression over the years, becoming a national pastime for families and single folks alike to get some greats deals on goods they want to gift to others (or keep for themselves). Luckily, 2013 has brought a plethora of menswear-related sales for you, your brother, your father, your cousin, your cousin’s cousin—well, you get the idea. Start digging for nickels under the sofa and quarters under your car floor mat, here are the Best Black Friday Sales.