In addition to a futuristic flying dress called VOLANTISLady Gaga has created the ARTPOP App to accompany her new album. The pop star is debuting her album at a party in Brooklyn tonight called ArtRave. The event is a mishmash of fashion, music, art, and tech, themes manifested in her new app and flying dress.

The app will be released in phases, and tonight Gaga is introducing users to the app's interface, Petga, which will show people how to create profiles—or as Gaga calls them "auras"—that will evolve as the app is used overtime. In the future, the app will include livestreamed performances and interactive music experiences.

The app also has a social aspect, allowing users to listen to ARTPOP and chat with other people's auras on and Backplane. In the ArtHaus section of the app, users can make "3D-modeled GIF creations," according to the press release.

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