Architects constantly keep an eye towards the future when designing new buildings and infrastructure. With projects that take years and years to complete, they often must imagine what the world will look like decades from now. People like Zaha Hadid, with her futuristic designs, make us feel like we've already time traveled. Over in California, Apple is building a campus that actually looks like a giant spaceship, which will be completed in two years. But even when designs don't look like they come from centuries ahead of us, we can look to plans from big architecture firms to see what the future might hold. By 2040, Stockholm will probably have a giant floating sphere over the highway entrance to the city, and Belgrade is slated to get an upgrade from some of the world's best architects. In the future, hotels and restaurants will be underwater or only accessible via helicopter, and we might start living in the desert or in pyramids the size of cities. Take a glimpse into the future with 24 Architectural Renderings That Show What the World Could Look Like in 2040

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