Allen Onyia not only knows style, some might say he is style. The co-founder of the incredibly popular men’s style website UpscaleHype has been fashion conscious as far back as he can remember.

“My style is versatile,” Onyia says, who sports looks that gravitate from preppie to edgy and back again. “You’ll never really see me just stuck in one box.” There’s only continuous element to his style: “It’s always real clean and refined.”

And what is Allen’s favorite element of style? Why, his kicks, of course. So how does a man who is known for being meticulous take care for his many sneaks? For starters, by keeping them clean. “A lot of people say ‘don’t clean your sneakers,’” Onyia says. “But, you know, I’m a pretty boy, so my sneakers have to be clean.”

Not only is cleanliness important, but so is protection, which is why whenever he’s not wearing them, Allen keeps each pair in their original boxes. As soon as he does put a pair on, his number one concern is location, location, location. “I just try to be careful where I wear them,” he says. “I think that’s the most important thing.”

For more on Allen Onyia and how he keeps his kicks in a better state, be sure to watch the video above.