It wasn't long ago that a documentary about Ai Weiwei came out, titled Never Sorry, one detailing his time in prison, documentation of the Sichuan Earthquake, and pioneering use of the Internet as an early blog adopter (of course, the Chinese government shut down his blog). Now, the tables have turned, and he's directed his own film called Stay Home!, which premiered earlier this month at the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival.

The film is about a woman who has AIDS and is fighting for better government healthcare. Weiwei couldn't make it to Copenhagen for the premiere, as he is still not allowed to leave China, but he left the video message below for those at CPH:DOX. In it, he reminds people about the importance of looking at the past to understand the digital age and poignantly says, "Nothing is under control."

Watch what he says below and catch up on his skateboard collab with The Sk8Roomwebsite collab with Olafur Elliason, and upcoming 2014 exhibition on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco if you missed out.

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