During the exhibition of his Sunflower Seeds piece, which consisted of 100 Million handmade and painted porcelain sunflower seeds, a conceptual art group called IOCOSE added four actual sunflower seeds to the artwork. Four IOCOSE members bought a cheap bag of sunflower seeds at a nearby shop, went to the balcony overlooking Ai's sunflower seeds in the Turbine Hall of the museum. They then launched one seed each into the bed of millions using slingshots. Directly following, they modified the signs in the hall and renamed the piece to "IOCOSE's Sunflower Seeds on Sunflower Seeds." The new artwork was indistinguishable from the previous artwork, reemphasizing something Ai himself said: "What you see is not what you see, and what you see is not what it means."

Sunflower Seeds on Sunflower Seeds from IOCOSE on Vimeo.