Each season Acapulco Gold manages to brainstorm some of the best music and movie references around and incorporate them into a finely constructed collection. It’s never dull and always a breat of fresh air within the current streetwear movement. This season, you’re going to have a hard time choosing your favorites from the Fall 2013 collection.

There’s been a recent surge of custom embroidery being applied to polos and pocket tees lately, but AG takes it to the head. Five-panels and snapbacks showoff embroidered moneybags and a dapper looking party bear. The highlight however is a hat an embroidered baby in reference to the kid in Notorious B.I.G.’s first album cover. When it comes to rap-related embroidery, this one might be the winner.

If hats and rap references aren’t your thing, there’s always the T-shirt collection to check out. Famous scenes from The Professional and remixed version of the Juice cover are spread throughout most of the tee collection. One of our favorite features the two-joyriding valet attendants from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  Who wouldn’t want to rack up some miles on a vintage Ferrari?

The collection is large, but don’t let it overwhelm you. Everything is on point and you can’t go wrong with whatever you pick. The hoodies and pants are also worth a look if you’re looking for tailored quality fits. Head to the sunny place for shady people at the Acapulco Gold website to purchase.

[via Acapulco Gold]