Kanye West's influence over the world funnels down to all who are currently living out Yeezy season, and that includes his inner circle. The world is constantly waiting with bated breath to see what Yeezy's gonna pull out of his mind, and closet, and his entourage are some of the first to catch a glimpse of that brilliance.

Between his DONDA homies, G.O.O.D. Music cohorts and new brotherhood of Kardashians, Ye has taken more than a few under his wing to try and give them a chunk of his one hundred thousand trillion swags. He has a penchant for turning ugly style ducklings into beautiful swag swans. But who has made the most progress under Kanye's tutelage? Take a deeper look into Kanye's entourage, past and present, to see A Ranking of Kanye's Understudies' Style Transformations.

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