Most likely, you are well aware that November is known around these parts as Movember: the month when the most stalwart men grow moustaches for a good cause. (And before you read any further, make sure you’ve registered your Mo at

Sadly, there are those among us that grow facial hair better than others. Yes, life is cruel, and survival of the fittest moustache is one of the most unfortunate parts of it. If you are only capable of growing a wispy, pathetic Mo rather than a robust cookie duster that would make Chester A. Arthur blush, we understand if you are hesitant to grow it out.

But don’t be afraid. We want every man to be proud of growing out their moustache, no matter how weak their follicles may be. You should know that no matter what kind of moustache you grow, your life will get better. Yes, there are many ways that life improves for a man with a moustache, and we’re going to share a few of them with you today.