It's always great to find new clothing brands that you can latch onto and identify with. Sadly, a lot of these brands will crash and burn, and it's not just because people didn't understand their design aesthetic. There are tell-tale signs that a brand isn't going to be around too much longer and join the graveyard of failed fashion ventures.

Tons of brands make mistakes and don't capture the buzz that they're given, but copying everything that's hot right now is also a way to start unsuccesful clothing line. It's not that the designs they're copying aren't popular, but no one remembers a brand who is a replication of something original and exciting. Brands can't become "heritage brands" overnight, but if they make the right moves, they'll be around to showboat their legacy. But they need to start by doing none of this. Here are 10 Signs a Clothing Brand Is Going to Fail.

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