Skateboarders have influenced the fashion industry through their IDGAF lifestyle and the way that they've dressed for decades. It's only natural that skaters would create their own clothing lines. Let's be honest, who understands what skate kids want to wear than skaters themselves?

Skaters such as Keith Hufnagel and Stevie Williams are able to parlay their credibility as professional skateboarders into owners of successful clothing lines, but they're not the only ones. There are a handful of pro skaters—past and present—who don't only get us amped off watching their skate video parts, but by the collections they create and design. These guys have all worn their share of 5-panel hats and sweatshirts, so their creative genius is easily applied to a vision of pieces they'd love to wear.

To be fair, we only included skaters who have had substantial careers instead of guys who casually skate and design clothes. Every skater needs a set of chilling clothes, and these are the brands they should wear on a regular basis. Here are The 10 Best Skater-Owned Clothing Brands Right Now.

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