There are a lot of petitions out there for weird causes. Some people want McDonald's to serve breakfast beyond 10:30, others want Kim Kardashian to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. One petition that is gaining steam is the request that Wiley (a London rapper and the "Godfather of Grime") have a statue erected in his honor in his home town of Bow. The petition says that Wiley has inspired a generation, calling him "a man who has put his heart and soul into what he believes in and consistently shows passion and perseverance."

2700 people have already supported the cause, many calling Wiley a legend and an inspiration. One supporter wrote "Wiley is a hugely influential and inspiring artist, not just to me, to Bow, to London, but to the entire country. In this country we celebrate sportsmen & women, politicians, military figures, why not musicians? Wiley deserves it." The petition is 2200 signatures short, but at the rate that this story is circulating, we think they will reach their goal pretty soon. Check out the page here to be one of those 2200.

[via ClashMusic]