Artist and designer Wil Fry is known for his bold designs and all-over print gear (like the $90,000 Yeezy IIs t-shirt), and now he and Jamie Clawson of Valentine Goods has applied his aesthetic to an authentic 1974 Herman Miller Eames chair. Dubbed the "Expensive Chair," the iconic piece of furniture was reupholstered with printed cowskin that features the same designs that Fry used on t-shirts and jackets in the past, a collage of tags from high-end fashion designers including Balenciaga, Lanvin, and Rodarte. Fry told GQ that he and Clawson had discussed a collaborative project some time ago and that they chose to use the Eames chair because with it they could "utilize each other's skillsets and produce something a little different," and also because of the chair's "importance in design history and the fact that it is still a heavily sought after piece of furniture."

The chair is epic and it is definitely a project that most fashion designers would never attempt. There is no word on whether or not the chair is for sale, but you can check out for updates and more unique art and design projects.

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[via GQ]