Shopping with your girl can be boring, irritating even. She drags you to the mall on a Saturday just so you can watch her spend hours in a store with a Taylor Swift soundtrack, flip through every item of clothing on the racks, try stuff on, try the same stuff on again, and hold her surprisingly heavy-ass purse. This whole time, all you want to do is head home and play some GTA V with your boys. 

Yes, guys generally don't care about what their girl buys or where they shop—as long as they look great. But maybe it's time you start paying attention. Truth is, the actions a person takes is a direct reflection of his or her personality. Just like the types of cars you drive, the streetwear brands you like, and even the fonts you use all say something about who you are as an individual, so do the shops your significant other frequents. Here's What Your Girl's Favorite Store Says About Her.

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