Believe it or not, not everyone is a fan of Marina Abramovic or her work. Unimpressed by her recent activities including the widely popular "The Artist Is Present" performance and documentary, the collaboration with Jay Z, and the Lady Gaga co-sign, Stop Marina Abramovic (also known as "The Marina Abramovic Retirement Fund of America") thinks that the artist is overrated and should call it quits. The blog announces itself as a "citizen action group dedicated to stopping Marina Abramovic from creating further artworks" and asks fellow opposers to donate to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of America in honor of Peter Indrisek, the late father to Modern Painter executive editor Scott Indrisek whom the Daily Dot has revealed as the blog's founder. In a statement, Indrisek said that he doesn't want to "understate her influence as a pioneer of performance art," but he feels that "Abramovic is the very definition of humorless" and that "Jesus Christ was probably a bit humbler."

To see the specific Abramovic quotes and projects that Stop Marina Abramovic exists to oppose, visit the blog here.