The NFL, better known as the No Fun League, has struck again. It’s not the first place you look to when it comes to fashion. But when a player tries to make a fashion statement, even in the subtlest of ways, there is a risk of getting fined.

During a required post-game interview, Washington Redskins player DeAngelo Hall was promptly asked to stop talking to the media by an NFL inspector. Hall was rocking a Lacoste polo complete with a small, but visible, alligator logo.

Apparently, this doesn’t sit well with the NFL. The league has a current contract with Nike, and current rules state players are not allowed to wear non-league approved brands while in the stadium or in front of a television audience. Which pretty much means players can't wear anything that doesn't have the swoosh logo. Break the rules and you might get slapped with a hefty fine, or, in this case: banned from being in front of cameras.

The NFL takes its dress code rules so seriously, at one point it considered fining players for wearing 9/11 tribute gear. Seriously. While they're concerned with potential conflicts of interest in terms of apparel logos, maybe they should first solve the whole concussion/violent brain trauma/dying remarkably young thing first.

[via Yahoo]