VFiles Interviews A$AP Yams About the Time A$AP Mob Fought Over a Mighty Ducks Box Set (Video)

Yamborghini is up on the latest episode of TMI.

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VFiles might be known for a diverse brand stock list and putting unknown designers on the map, but don’t sleep on its hilarious videos. In the latest episode of TMI, the retailer invited A$AM Yams to come by and shoot the shit. The result is an entertaining short clip on topics delievered with the comical timing only someone operating in Yams' world could possess.

The most memorable tidbit is when Yamborghini describes a time when the whole A$AP Mob were fighting over a Mighty Ducks Box set while on tour. Apparently it was so heated “somebody could have died that night.” Watch A$AP Mob’s spirit guide vividly describe the night in detail, and then click on over to cop the dope curation that has separated VFiles from the pack.

[via VFiles]

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