In the past year we’ve seen how U.S. Alteration has evolved to offer both beaded military-inspired offerings and new over-the-top graphics. One thing that remains constant is the brand’s go-to dude when it comes to picking a model. You guessed it: Lupe Fiasco is back to part-time modeling again. This time he easily pulls off the brand’s experimental pieces just as he did with advanced basic items in the past.

This collection dips its toes into new waters in terms of material. But for a brand that came out reinventing what basics are supposed to look like, experimentation seems to be its thing. And it’s working.

Overloaded grahics items, lamé (French for shiny ass material) details, and lengthened tees are all included in the collection and shown off by Lupe. If the brand is able to exhibit such range in such a short amount of time, we're excited to see how else U.S. Alteration can keep its fans on their toes. Expect these items to drop on the U.S. Alteration website later this month.

[via U.S. Alteration]