Urban Outfitters has taken over a 6.5-acre lot in the outskirts of Philadelphia to bring its retail experience to the 'burbs. But this isn’t a stand-alone store. The fast-fashion retailer will be building its first hotel ever, which will be surrounded by an Anthropologie store, Terrain, an up-scale garden and home goods center, restaurants, and shops. The Philly-based giant stated that it wants to create a “unique environment and mix it with the right tenants to create a consistent experience," which sounds like there will be a no mallrats policy in place.

Only mockups exist of this planned space, but the company is already hyping it up as some sort of utopia. The hotel is being described as “handcrafted, authentic, and unique,” and enlists the skills of Amish stonemasons. Honestly, if Urban Outfitters can make people want to travel to surburban Philadelphia and stay overnight, then hats off to them.

[via Bustle]

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