Normally, heading down to the subway in NYC means avoiding puddles of garbage juice and praying a rat doesn't scamper up your pant leg. Uniqlo is hoping to change the typical subway experience this winter by opening a pop-up location located in the 14th Street Union Square subway station. 

There's nothing worse than heading out for a night on the town and realizing that you've severely underestimated the severity of the cold. Now, as long as your commute takes you through Union Square, you can shop the Japanese brand's trademark Ultra-Light down jackets, HEATTECH fabrics, and fleece sweaters to battle the brutal winter. As an added bonus, to make sure you have transportation to your next destination, each purchase comes with a $5 Metro Card. It's the little things in life like this pop-up shop that will get you through the long, dark winter ahead. Happy holidays!