There’s something about this time of year that makes dudes just let go. Maybe it's because a successful cuffing season means you're not trying to impress anyone anymore, so you rock the same denim everyday, showers become less frequent, and your facial hair blooms into a raggedy mess. However, there's no real reason to give up and look like you've been foraging in the forest for days. This shaving kit from The Art of Shaving will clean you up good and let you stand out from the rest of your barbarian-looking cohorts.

The Art of Shaving is making sure you’re going to kick Movember right where it hurts by introducing the right tools that give you the smoothest shave. The Chelsea Collection offers you a chance to cop your first grown-man shaving kit. These introductory items are part of the larger Heritage Collection which celebrates, and is inspired by, neighborhoods around New York City. In each set is a standard razor, a fine badger brush, and a stand to keep them all together. Visit The Art of Shaving website to cop the set and looking your freshest today.