A woman named Alice Ehrenfried has started a Change.org petition to gets brands like H&M, Supreme, Vogue, Tom Ford, and Mango to stop hiring Terry Richardson for photoshoots because he is "negatively influencing media with his supposed exploit & abuse of certain models, mainstream degrading pornographic imagery, and inappropriate and unprofessional behavior." For years the photographer has been accused of using his popularity as a professional photographer to connect with women in less than professional ways, often without permission. The petition calls Richardson an "alleged sex offender" and calls for the brands to break ties with him because of the message it sends to the masses. There are links to the documented accusations as well as to photos that Richardson took of himself engaged in sexual acts with a few of his subjects.

Almost 3,000 people have signed the 50,000 signature petition so far, but there has been no official statements made by Richardson or any of the brands mentioned.

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[via Change.org]

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