Among the greatest losses of the recession were the countless foreclosed homes that caused suffering for many families. To comment on the situation, Two Islands, a design team based in London, created Mark's House, a suspended “ghost” of a Tudor house on top of a mirrored pedestal, in a downtown Flint parking lot. It tells the story of one such family.

Two Islands won a $25,000 grand prize in the first Flat Lot competition to design and build a pavilion in the downtown area of Flint, Michigan. While Mark’s House, represents a fictional foreclosure, it nonetheless comments on a very real struggle. 

As the artists say: "Mark’s story reminds us that homes have been lost and that these homes belonged to families. But also that we have the power to renew our city and its memories. Mark’s house is a reflection of us all, of our beliefs. It mirrors and reflects back the trees, the streets, the sill windows, and the midwestern sky, and most importantly, the people of Flint."

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[via PSFK]

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