When street goths look for style inspiration, they usually can find new insights on Tumblr, on the runways of labels like Rick Owens and Alexandre Plokhov, or in the 'fits of celebs who have been known to rock the look, like A$AP Rocky or Kanye West. But a big omission street goths make is not looking back at the true source of this now widely-known trend—actual goths.

Gothic art and architecture date back to the 12th century, while gothic fiction gained popularity in the 18th century. There were also the kids in high school who were clearly the goths. And while it may seem unlikely, a lot of them can offer inspiration and advise on how to nail the street goth look. Now we're not saying you should wear make-up or the wool frocks of the Medieval Ages, but there are definitely real life lessons to be gleaned from these guys. If you're looking for ways to inject freshness into your shadowy 'fit, these are Street Goth Style Tips You Can Learn From Actual Goths.

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