When you walk around New York City, what do you see? Do you get caught up in the New York City rush? Do you even notice the vast amounts of street art that New York City is known for, let alone appreciate it? Multi-disciplinary visual artist LadyKFever paired with the Bronx Museum of the Arts to change negative stereotypes and inspire awareness of the art culture. 

The Bronx Museum of Art hosted its first ever Street Art Lab on September 29, funded by The Shelley and Donald Rubin FoundationLadykFever led participants on a street art walking tour where she discussed the nature of the art. The tour lasted for about an hour and a half and covered the area around the Bronx Museum. The pieces on the walk included works by LadykFever herself, Priscila de Carvalho, TATS CRU, Sofia Malderado, Topaz, Hevu, Andre Trenier, Dj Js1, Lady Pink, and many more. The group then followed Lady K back to the museum where she had materials set up to briefly teach the participants the techniques of tagging. She stimulated creativity with cost effective yet simple tools including informative blue books, various writing utensils, stencils, and sample graffiti lettering print offs. The session ended after people collaborated to create tags for each other and Lady K herself tagged anyone's book who wanted it. 

Lady K's aim is to help people learn to do something constructive with their extra energy. The lab session was enjoyable for all ages. Lady K is working hard to give the New York community many opportunities to get involved in her world of street art. The next Bronx Museum lab is on October 27 from 2-4pm that focuses on performance art, this will be led by Carmen J. Hernandez. If you missed the street art lab, look out for future ones on LadyK's website or attend her exhibition on October 26th at the Andrew Freedman Home in the Bronx.

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