First issue date: November 1995
On the cover: Raekwon
Cover line: Getting Lifted with Raekwon, the Chef
Editor: Alan Ket
Art Director: Alan Ket
Photographer: Dennis Dichiaro

Having Raekwon the Chef on the first issue of Stress magazine gave the mag a strong start. Even though the they had a typo in their first cover, they bounced back and kept moving from strength to strength. Founder Alan Ket would go on to play a role in earliest days of Complex. 

Alan Ket says: "The first cover of Stress featured Raekwon from Wu-Tang. For a new publication, it was an achievement to land him. Thanks to the people at Loud Records, it all happened. He was photographed in Todd James' kitchen in TriBeca, which, since Todd is an old friend, he let us use for free. Since Raekwon calls himself 'the chef,' we wanted a kitchen environment, and since we were all weed heads at the time, we brought some in as a prop for the shoot. The bullet-proof vest was provided by another friend, DT, who was writing for the magazine. The cover all came together with design help from KEL First, Todd James, input from Mike Saes, and others. No one caught the Stretch Armstrong typo until I dropped off magazines to Bobbito and Stretch at their radio show and was called out on it. We learned why proofreaders are so necessary the hard way."