First issue date: Summer 2004
On the cover: Dr. Dre
Cover line: Dr. Dre: The Ultimate Interview
Editor: Andre Torres
Art director: Evan Gubernick
Photographer: Jonathan Mannion

If a magazine gets Dr. Dre to appear on their cover, they must be doing something right. And if they can get him for their first issue, then they definitely have a bright future ahead of them. Scratch set a precedent for magazines to focus on the hitmakers behind the tracks.

Andre Torres says: "The first cover of Scratch felt like a dream come true. We flew out to LA and shot Dre at the studio he'd been holed up in for months. I remember him playing us some tracks from Game, whose album he was working on at the time. To be able to put together a magazine about hip-hop production and have Dr. Dre on the cover was the greatest start we could have ever had. The response was crazy and confirmed for us that there were lots of heads out there who were hungry for what we were delivering."