"Every time I open my mouth, there is a crack in the matrix" - Kanye West

Over the past week or so, Kanye has been on an interview press junket with various local radio stations while simultaneously performing his national Yeezus Tour, in the process blessing the world with always entertaining (if not always coherent) Kanye-isms such as the one above. The vast majority of the topics covered in these interviews have been similar to those addressed in his legendary BBC Radio One interview with Zane Lowe, including his desire to receive backing for his new fashion venture, his overall views on family, religion (anyone else getting a "born again" vibe from him recently?) and how he wants to, in essence, help the world become a better place through design. Specifically, he wants the world to be saved by his company, DONDA. But in his talk with LA's 97.1 Amp Radio, Kanye revealed something even more important than sweeping generalizations about the world of design and humanity! He stated that not only had he designed his highly publicized capsule collection of sneakers with Louis Vuitton and the two signature Air Yeezy's with Nike, but styles for Balmain and Giuseppe Zanotti as well. Come again? Yep, these were partnerships “no one knew about” until now. And that was it. He didn’t give any further details on the subject or state which models he designed or when these collaborations took place, let alone explain why these sneakers were not released as official Kanye West collaborations. Now, we can’t really blame lame radio DJ’s who don’t know shit about fly ass gear for their complete lack of nerding out and digging deeper into this monumental discovery, so we took it upon ourselves to see what we could uncover about Kanye’s previously un-announced sneaker collabos, which, if you’re lucky (and have a lot of money), you may actually already own.